Water Park Bangalore: For An Exciting And Rewarding Holiday Experience!


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Do you wish to have fun like never before? Searching for the right place? Venture into the land of paradoxical beauty, Bangalore for a holiday like no other. Garlanded with exotic beauty, the city boasts of being the best place to spend a wonderful holiday. There are many theme parks in Bangalore that lure in thousands of visitors on a daily basis. From thrilling to soothing water rides, you can enjoy taking part in a variety of activities.

About Water Park

A trip to Bangalore would not be complete without spending a day at the famous Water Park. If you wish to unwind, then this is the best place to be. The park features many types of fun rides that range from Tornado to Cyclone. There is also a kiddy pool with various miniatures that is an apt place for youngsters to have fun. Thousands of people head to this park on a regular basis to beat the summer heat and spend time with their loved ones.

Why This?

One of the main reasons why Water Park Bangalore is preferred by many is the fun factor. There are exciting and adventurous rides where you can scream all you want, jump, play and become a child again! Many people love to visit this park as it offers a plethora of services and facilities. Some of the facilities provided include complimentary locker, swim wear, information desk, and much more. From locals to international visitors, people throng to this park to soak themselves in the cool waters and escape the scorching summer heat.

About Some Rides

Kids who visit this park can have the time of their life as they can enjoy taking part in a variety of rides. There are also other types of rides that are specifically designed for adventure buffs.

The Fantastic Four:

This is one of the best rides where you can experience thrill and fun is the famous Fantastic Four. It is one of the longest rides in the park where you can slide down at a high-speed and experience the thrill of a lifetime.

Water Park Bangalore

Water Park Bangalore | Image Resource : cloudinary.com


If you are a daredevil wanting to try something thrilling, then this would be the best ride for you. A cyclone ride will leave you gasping for breath as it is one of the toughest water slide in the park. It is sure to keep your heart racing and you will keep coming back for more!

Devil’s Drop:

This ride is best suited for those who wish to feel something different. The drop consists of various twists and turns which will surely excite you. This fast-paced single slide will take you to the heights of excitement and you will definitely want to try it again!

Tips Before you go

No matter where you go or which activity you do, safety is something that you must always have in mind. Before venturing into the park, it is a must that you dress for the occasion. If you are allergic to the sun, then it is advisable to apply a sunscreen lotion before hitting the water. Staying hydrated is another important thing that must never be ignored. Never run near the pool or wander away from your family as it will lead to problems.


The pricing for the water park is the same for both adults and kids and the price may vary according to the season. By paying 575 rupees, you can enjoy taking part in various rides and have the fun of your lifetime! So check out this amazing park today!